Tryst, IIT Delhi

Tryst, when it takes place, is not only attended by IITians, but students from all other parts of the town – and India, for that matter. Till now, we have sponsored Tryst IIT Delhi for two consecutive years (2015 and 2016), and the kind of response we received on both occasions, we hope this association carries on. Students from all around the country visited our stall at Tryst and took counselling sessions from our expert counsellors. Many students registered for our online and offline services, and are now on the way to building a great career for themselves.

The Angel Summit,Delhi

The Angel Summit is definitely the most happening and resourceful event for women entrepreneurs. Since we have a woman founder, the Angel Summit was bound to be on our events to attend list. Priyanka expressed the idea and vision of our startup, which was well received by the audiences. We came across many other entrepreneurs and businessmen, who have partnered with us for various services and all kinds of assistance.

Plant Your Own Garden,World Environment Day

Nothing is as important as the environment. PiK Education adheres to this thinking, and we made sure we spread the word. Our team set out on foot and visited parts of the city with huge public gatherings. We distributed plant seeds and personally explained to all the people the importance of environment. We encouraged everyone to have their own garden and love their plants just as they love themselves and their own kind. The response was – as usual – overwhelming.

PiK Education Annual Day

PiK Education annual day is celebrated with great spirit every Christmas, as that is exactly the day when we laid the foundation stone of our company. We don’t celebrate it in a corporate fashion, neither do we deliver boring speeches. Instead, we invite our students, employees and customers, and take them out to watch a movie, dine out and enjoy the festive season. And if everyone’s already out for vacation, we order Pizza and have our lovely students and guests (who are still in town) watch movies from our updated collection at our home theater.

Mass Counseling Session, Summer 2015.

The summer of 2015 was a great time for us, as the students registered for this event outnumbered all our past events. The response was so huge that we had to fix counselling slots for students and their parents spread over a week’s time in mid June 2015. Most of the customers who attended our event were either confused with the stream they had to choose during high school or looking for college admissions. All the attendees went back with their issues resolved, and a lot of the students converted to take our paid services.