Psychometric testing is a perfect tool to provide a fundamental idea of the student’s aptitude. Students need not worry, as this is not a merit based examination system. It is rather a system that helps identify the student’s interests, or the fields that offer a scope for the student to develop maximum amount of expertise. Psychometric testing takes place on the basis of a predefined format, which varies according to the career level. The testing can take place in any flexible environment according to the student’s comfort, but we suggest a real-time testing environment – something like what we provide, for the best results.

How It Actually Works

Psychometric testing, unlike other examination the student takes through the course of her career cycle, does not require the student to be tensed or revise her syllabus before going in. All this exam requires is for the student to be mentally relaxed and pay attention to the questions being asked. If the student is not able to figure out an answer, she may skip the question, though we suggest giving a try to all the questions asked.

On the basis of psychometric testing, counseling, student’s past CV and the university filtering, we prepare a final report for the student that works as a to-the-point guidebook for the student for the rest of the year(s). This guidebook contains all information about:

  • A list of universities to which the student must apply, the number of which is decided by the student.
  • Complete admission guidance, including exams, certificates, documents, fee requirements, scholarship availability and detailed guidelines for all.

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