Working at PiK Education offers a lot of growth, flexibility and learning for the future. While we ourselves are entrepreneurs, we encourage the people working under us to acquire enough knowledge and learning to become entrepreneurs and leaders themselves. The advantages of working with PiK Education are:
(i) Flexible hours: A lot of our jobs offer the option to work from your desired place and field work.
(ii) Agent: The agent option is one of the best job roles at PiK Education, which requires only redirecting interested customers to us. You can earn between 5% to 50% commission on all the services your referred customer avails from us.
(iii) Variety of work: Besides touching possibly every area in education, you get to learn and practically work a lot on areas such as environment, empowerment and employment.
(iv) Payments on time: Cashless payments with receipt, transferred to you within seconds.
(v) Custom made jobs: We can work out jobs to suit your time limitations and connectivity options.

If you are looking to participate in any of our events, or want to conduct a seminar/workshop with us, just go through our past events and contact us.

For any Questions/Queries, please feel free to Contact us.