Basic Phone Enquiry: Zero

Basic Email Enquiry: Zero

Basic SMS/WhatsApp Enquiry: Zero

Appointment based counseling session (at office): Rs. 500 per hour

Appointment based counseling session (at zonal center): Rs. 750 per hour (In this session, our counselor will meet you at a central location in your part of Delhi)

Online counseling session: Rs. 500 per hour onward ($8 per hour)

University filtering

For 3 universities (same state): Rs. 500

For 5 universities: Rs. 800

For 7 universities: Rs. 1200

For 10 universities: Rs. 1500

Academic Internship Application Assistance: Rs. 2000 per course

Documentation facilitation rates (discounted)

Single Essay (for university application): Rs. 5,000

Single Statement of Purpose (SoP): Rs. 5,000

Single Letter of Recommendation (LoR): Rs. 4,000

CV/Resume: Rs. 1,000

Scholarship assistance: Rs. 500

Application processing (within India): Rs. 1000 per course applied for

Application processing (outside India): Rs. 2000 per course applied for

Passport and visa assistance

New Zealand: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000

UK: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 15,000

Australia: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000

Canada: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 20,000

USA: Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 20,000

Other countries: Rs. 8,000 onward

Travel assistance charges: Rs. 150

Foreign exchange assistance: Rs. 150

Trial class charges for home tuition: Rs.  100 per class

Online classes: Rs. 400 per hour ($6 per hour)


For 10 to 11 classes: Rs. 5,000

For 20 to 22 classes: Rs. 10,000

GRE tutor providing charges: Rs. 300 per tutor

GMAT tutor providing charges: Rs. 300 per tutor

All prices are in INR (Indian National Rupee)


(1) What is PiK Education?

PiK Education is an education services provider. We provide A to Z services in the education sector for all levels of education from pre-nursery school to PhD level.

(2) What services does PiK Education provide?

PiK Education provides a wide range of services, which includes, but is not limited to: Coaching (online and offline), Counseling (online and offline), School/College Admission Facilitation, School/University Filtering, Application Processing, SoP Assistance, LoR Assistance, Resume/CV Assistance, Travel Assistance, Foreign Exchange Assistance, Accommodation Assistance, Foreign Location Network Building, Scholarship Assistance, Internship Assistance, Passport and Travel Assistance, and Home Tutor Providing.

(3) How does PiK Education provide counseling?

PiK Education provides counseling the way that suits you best. We provide you personalized counseling at our office, at a zonal center, on phone, through text messages, via email and through video conferencing.

(4) Can you tell me about your coaching?

PiK Education provides coaching at their own classroom as well as at your doorstep. We provide home tutors for all subjects, at all levels of education, including pre-nursery, school level, undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, all entrance examinations and all languages. Classes that are currently provided at our classroom are:

IELTS, TOEFL and All Subjects from Class 1 to 10.

(5) Do you assist students in getting scholarship?

Yes, PiK Education helps students get all kinds of scholarship for which they are eligible.

(6) What is/are the payment mode(s) you accept?

At PiK Education, we accept various modes of payment, including cheque, online transfer, payment on portal and Paytm.

(7) Do I get a refund on my application processing fee if my application is rejected?

No, students are not entitled to any refund(s) in case of application rejection. To ensure minimum monetary loss to students, we have already subsidized all our packages which are priced lower than standard market rate.

(8) How does PiK Education impart online classes?

Currently, we provide online classes on a variety of software such as Skype and Google Hangouts. We have other customized software for online classes as well.

(9) How can I get a tutor to teach me at my home?

If you are a student searching for home tuition for any subject at school, college, vocational, language and entrance level, please register on the following page. You will get a call back from us within 24 hours

I need a tutor

If you are a teacher, please register on the following page. We will contact you as soon as we get a request that suits your profile.

I am a tutor

(10) How does PiK Education help me get admission in a college and course of my choice?

PiK Education helps the student by discussing the latter’s career interests. On the basis of the student’s interests and eligibility, we filter the best courses and universities the student is eligible for, in their choice of country and region. We also conduct an optional psychometric analysis, that helps filters the options available on the basis of a psychological testing procedure. On the student’s approval, we forward their applications to the universities along with complete documentation assistance. If the college accepts the student’s application, we also assist the student with passport, visa, travel, foreign exchange, accommodation, medical and police verification.

(11) What is foreign location network building?

This is a complementary service, in which we connect students traveling to a new location with other students and professionals who are already living in nearby areas, to help grow their network.

(12) How does PiK help me write documents such as resume, LoR, SoP or my test essays?

PiK encourages students to write all documents from their own perspective. However, since all students are not confident enough to write their documents at an initial stage, we help build confidence by providing them with guidelines based on the exact requirement. We encourage the students to frame a basic write-up, and then edit and brush up their initial draft, and provide the student with continuous feedback until the documents are up to the mark.

(13) Does PiK Education help the students fill forms?

Yes, PiK Education helps students fill any type of form after acquiring basic information from the students.

(14) Please tell me about internship assistance.

We enlist the best academic internship options available for a particular student. If the student approves of an option, we forward the internship application.